Antibiotic Stewardship

Elanco is committed to bringing greater clarity and collaboration to the antibiotic stewardship discussion.

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Responsible Use of Antibiotics

Antimicrobial resistance is a critical, complex issue and we’re working with leaders across human and animal health to develop long-term, responsible solutions.

We will continue to advance our efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance. Elanco is dedicated to being part of the solution.

Antibiotics are essential for the prevention and control of disease. But they're just one solution for farmers to keep their animals healthy. Using antibiotics in excess to treat and prevent disease in animals is not sound farming. And we all have a responsibility to find alternatives.

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Antibiotic stewardship is a collaborative effort. It requires commitment from leaders across industries and across the globe: farmers, veterinarians, scientists and industry leaders. At Elanco, we’re taking our part in this collaboration very seriously by strengthening our R&D pipeline, refining our policies and encouraging greater innovation to protect the long-term effectiveness of antibiotics

Our Responsibility to Healthier Animals

In 2015, Elanco announced an aggressive, multifaceted 8-point plan to combat antibiotic resistance. To date, we’ve realized significant progress toward our goals, including:

  • Removed growth promotion claims from nearly 100 product labels from our medically important antibiotic molecules globally, even if the practice is allowed by local regulation.
  • Removed over-the-counter use from 67 product labels to require the oversight of a veterinarian in the countries where over-the-counter uses remained, and veterinary infrastructure exists.
  • Invested substantially in developing alternatives to antibiotics, entering nearly 25 new antibiotic alternatives into our development pipeline to help producers replace antibiotics when possible. One of the latest to launch is a probiotic tailored directly to the pathogens present on individual poultry farms that is precise and highly customized.
  • Convened a landmark, first-of-its-kind One Health Antibiotic Stewardship Summit for more than 200 global animal protein industry and food chain leaders, declaring priorities to help combat antimicrobial resistance as part of efforts to produce a sustainable food supply.
  • Joined with 200 other companies and 700,000 veterinarians worldwide to undersign Health for Animals’ "Commitments and Actions on Antibiotic Use," which outlines the five key principles for responsible antibiotic use in the animal medicines industry.
  • Offered training through seminars and wet lab training on the implementation of a national AMR monitoring program from sample collection to data interpretation across Asia and now in LATAM.

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